Taking Charge of the Future of Sport History – Concluding Remarks

By Kevin Wamsley

Dear NASSH Colleagues,

I hope that you have enjoyed the President’s Forum: Taking Charge of the Future of Sport History at Academic Institutions. We are greatly appreciative to our colleagues who have contributed to the forum, offering perspective on the field, why it matters to us, why it matters to our colleagues across campus, why it matters to the academy, and why it matters to our communities. And thanks to those of you who provided a response on the NASSH website to add to these discussions.

Our contributors have provided us with a great deal of helpful advice to represent ourselves to our Departments, Faculties, to contribute courses to other faculties, to speak out during meetings, to sit on committees, to contribute widely to curriculum and program design, to publish interdisciplinary work with colleagues from other disciplines, to assume leadership positions at our universities, and to focus on and celebrate all of the good work that is currently underway in sport history

These contributions remind us that NASSH has the wisdom of generations of scholars; we have strength in common values about scholarship and professionalism; and, we have strength in the quality of our work. Indeed, there are many experienced NASSH members we may seek out for advice as we try to navigate very challenging times in the academy.

My thanks to Maureen, Jaime, Murray, Malcolm, Tony, Dan, Doug, Doug, and Bruce for your thoughtful and inspirational contributions. Your leadership experiences, careful consideration of your field relating to the structures of your institutions, and your vision for both the present and future of sport history is food for important thought and very practical advice for all of us.

Stay tuned for the next President’s Forum!