Since 1991, the North American Society for Sport History has recognized an individual or an organization for their significant service to the academic field of sport history. These awards are presented at the Closing Banquet of the Annual Convention.

2018Patricia Vertinsky
2017John R. Schleppi
2016Susan Birrell
2015Willis Regier
2014Bob Barnett
2013Jan and Terry Todd
2012Melvin L. Adelman
2011Larry Gerlach
2010Allen Guttmann
2009 (tie)Ronald A. Smith
Joe Arbena
2008 (tie)Earle F. Zeigler
Roberta Park
2007Jules Tygiel
2003 (tie)John A. Lucas
Robert K. Barney
2001 (tie)John Gaustad and Sports Pages Bookstore
Wayne Wilson
1996Richard Wentworth
1995Maynard Brichford
1993J. A. “Tony” Mangan
1992Canadian Journal of History of Sport
1991 (tie)University of Illinois Press
Larry Malley