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President's Welcome

It is a pleasure to serve as president of the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH). The organization, which has been in existence since 1972, includes members who have a passion for the historical study of sport, physical activity, exercise, and other human movement forms. An open and welcoming and encouraging community, NASSH has always been marked by the fact that individuals in the organization come from diverse educational backgrounds, some having completed their academic preparation in departments of history while others in such fields as kinesiology, American studies, communication, and sport management. Irrespective of their different educational backgrounds, however, individuals in the organization are all bound by their love for exploring the above-mentioned phenomenon from a historical perspective and disseminating the information gathered from those explorations to as large an audience as possible.

One of the highlights of NASSH is its annual conference. Held through the years at various locations in the United States and Canada, the conference provides an opportunity for individuals to share their latest research, serves as an opportunity for individuals with similar scholarly interests to share ideas, and furnishes an occasion to pay tribute to those who have served the organization and to recognize outstanding scholarship completed by members and others. The upcoming conference will be held in Chicago at the Double Tree by Hilton Chicago-Magnificent Mile hotel from May 22-25, the program being organized by NASSH president-elect Murray Phillips and a committee made up of Sarah Fields, Chad Seifried, Steve Townsend, and Tom Fabian. Importantly, just prior to this year’s annual conference will be a NASSH sponsored pre-conference symposium on “Reading the Past Critically.” Organized in honor of the University of Iowa’s well-known sport studies scholar Susan Birrell, some of the papers from the pre-conference symposium will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Sport History, NASSH’s refereed scholarly journal that is arguably the most important publishing outlet for articles dealing with sport history related topics.

Please know that you are all welcome in NASSH. I have no doubt that you would benefit enormously and find it fulfilling to be involved in the activities of an organization that emphasizes inclusion, supports its members, and encourages scholarship of the highest quality.

David K. Wiggins, NASSH President

George Mason University

Fairfax, Virginia, USA